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Both waxing and threading options are available to suit your skin and preferences.

Treatment time varies but can take anywhere up to 15 minutes. The area is cleansed and your concerns, preferences and brows are discussed. The brows will then be shaped using your choice of hair removal including tidy up work using tweezers for ultimate precision.To finish, a soothing gel is applied over the brows to calm the area.

-Please let your therapist know if you are currently/have recently been using skin medications e.g accutane

-Avoid using active/exfoliating ingredients 48+ hrs before waxing e.g glycolic/salicylic acid, retinol


Tinting helps to define and enhance your natural brows and lashes.

Everyone can benefit from tinting! The tint temporarily dyes the hairs and lasts approximately 2-3 weeks depending on skin type, lifestyle and hair type.

Can appear darker for the first 24-48 hrs but the tint will fade gradually over time. With many different shades available, a custom colour can be made for your desired look.

-Patch test required at least 48hrs prior

-Avoid using self tan on/around the area being tinted as this can affect the colour


Brow lamination is the newest and most popular brow trend to get a semi-permanent fluffy brow effect.

This perming treatment lifts and relaxes the hairs so that styling is a breeze. The hairs aren't permanently in their sleek, wet look laminated phase, this lasts for the first 24hrs. After 24hrs the brow hairs are softened and can be brushed into the desired shape and position - like brow gel without the brow gel! When done correctly, using the best products and using the correct timings, lamination does not damage the brow hairs. You must wait 8 weeks before having your brows re-laminated. I recommend having a maintenance brow shape/tint at 4 weeks.

Treatment includes a wax/thread and tint if desired.

-Patch test/tint test required at least 48hrs prior

-Deposit required upon booking

-Avoid water/steam/heat/saunas/sweat for the first 24hrs

-As this is a chemical treatment for the hairs, it is important to nourish and hydrate them with a brow oil. I recommend castor oil nightly 5 days post-treatment. It is also recommended to use hair conditioner on the brows when showering as an extra step.

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