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Father's Day Skincare

Skincare is for everyone and men need a good old pamper too, especially those dealing with kids during lockdown! So I've put together a post with some of my top skincare picks for the dad who loves to look after themselves.

Men's skin is just as complex and individual as women's skin, however to make things simple I've rounded up some products that work for all skin types and are multipurpose. I'm also offering 20% OFF all products for a limited time, so be quick.

CLEANSE: The Max Stem Cell Facial Cleanser

£36.00 (£28.80 for a limited time)

This cleanser is gentle yet effective for all skin types. Paraben free, sulfate free, acid free there's no nasty stuff or harsh ingredients in this creamy cleanser.

EXFOLIATE: Ageless Total Resurfacing Mask

£46.00 (£36.80 for a limited time)

An absolute must have for everyone. This leaves the skin super soft and instantly refreshed and can be used in many ways. Apply as a mask for 10-15 mins and gently massage when removing to get the full benefits of the chemical and physical exfoliation, mix a small amount with a cleanser for a quick pick-me-up or simply use as a scrub to remove surface dead skin cells.

SERUM: Clear Cell Restoring Serum

£56.00 (£44.80 for a limited time)

This serum is lightweight and easy, a great one for pores and oily skin. A skin problem that I often hear from men is blackheads/enlarged pores. Combining a good exfoliation routine, hydrated skin and a treatment serum is essential for keeping pesky pores at bay. Contains Vitamin B6 which helps to visually minimize more size.

PROTECT: Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF 32

£53.00 (£42.40 for a limited time)

SPF IS ESSENTIAL! No matter your age, gender, race you must wear SPF daily (yes, even in the winter, more info on that here). The Prevention+ Matte formula isn't heavy and keeps the skin looking naturally blurred.

NIGHT CREAM: Ormedic Bio-Peptide Cream

£74.00 (£59.20 for a limited time)

Overnight the skin goes through a process called transepidermal water loss which basically means that water and moisture gets sucked from the skin during sleep. To combat this, apply the Ormedic Bio-Peptide Cream before bed and wake up with soft and radiant skin.


I recently posted a video on my Instagram that goes perfectly alongside this topic so I thought I'd include it here also, give it a watch:)

For more info on any of the products mentioned or to place an order, be sure to drop me a message via Instagram, Facebook or by Email

And to those celebrating Father's Day, have a wonderful time and pamper yourself!

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