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Skincare Basics: The Core 4 Products You Need

Skincare can be confusing. Let's take it back to basics and discuss the 3 key steps and 4 core products I believe that EVERYONE needs in their routine.

I'm a firm believer in less is more when starting a skincare routine. With so many brands and products out there that it's easy to think you need to be using it all, but that's simply not the case. Your routine can be as simple as using what I like to call your "Core Four" products.

A cleanser, serum, night cream and day cream/SPF. Thankfully, IMAGE Skincare makes this super easy to understand.


Cleanse, Serum, SPF/Moisturiser


Cleanse, Serum, Night Cream


Eye Treatments, Masks, Exfoliants etc

By picking a cleanser and serum to suit your main concerns, the only products that need to be swapped out between your morning and evening routines are the SPF/moisturiser and night cream steps. Of course, you can always expand by using "add on" products such as exfoliants, eye creams and masks.

Many people often ask why there is no need for an exfoliant in the core 4, and whilst I agree that in some circumstances this may be the case - a serum will work deep into the skin to correct your main concerns. An exfoliant merely helps to accelerate and boost results.

As always, be sure to book an appointment with your skincare specialist who will be able to guide you on which products are best suited to your skin and how to best use them.

Which products are in your Core 4? I'd love to know!

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