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Why You NEED To Stimulate Your Skin

Feeling like your skin needs a work out? Here's all you need to know about stimulants and how they can bring life back to your skin.

So, what are Eminence Organic Skincare Stimulants and how do they work?

Stimulants are products that contain ingredients such as paprika, nettle and cinnamon and are designed to increase circulation within the skin. They are extremely unique as they help to manage your skin concerns from the inside using your own body's chemistry.

When applied, the ingredients get to work stimulating the circulatory system meaning that you will feel some heat and tingle and your skin will have an flushed, pink/red appearance. The intensity of these sensations will vary slightly depending on which stimulant is used but the tingle and heat generally lasts 5-10 minutes and your skin may appear pink for up to 2hrs post-treatment. This is completely normal and is encouraged, as it allows us to see that the stimulant is doing its job.

The increased blood flow brings with it a boost of oxygenation that feeds the skin with vital nutrients and is incredibly healing to the skin making it particularly great for acne clients. Blood flow also carries away waste product creating a "detoxifying" effect and protecting cells against free radical damage. Basically, think of it as a work out for your skin that leaves you with the same rosy, healthy glow from within you'd get from spending an hour at the gym!

Overall, stimulants are a beneficial and FUN treatment for almost all skin types. I'd steer clear if you are particularly redness/rosacea prone as the increased heat in the skin can cause more harm than good in your case.

Wanting to give it a try? Click the booking link below and select the limited edition LIME STIMULATING FACIAL. You won't regret it!

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