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Beauty Room Essentials - GAME CHANGER Ring Light

Recently I've had lots of questions about different tools, equipment and products I love to use in the treatment room, so I'm creating a series where I share alllll the goodies that will level up your beauty business!

Starting with something that truly EVERYBODY needs:

A ring light.

My absolute favourite has to be the Gemini lamp from the brand Daylight which I purchased back in October and have been in love with ever since. So here's why I think you NEED this lamp in your salon.

Flexible arms and phone holder

So as you can see, this isn't a typical "ring" light as the lights are found along two fully flexible arms. This means you can place the light exactly where you need it, making it perfect for facial, brow and lash treatments where you need light that covers the entire face. Also included is a flexible phone holder which I LOVE! This makes filming video and taking client photos a breeze.

Flat X base

The base of the lamp is completely flat meaning that it's super easy to tuck underneath a treatment bed or store in small spaces. This comes in really handy for filming so that you can get the perfect angle above the clients face.

USB port

Whoever thought of this feature deserves a MEDAL! This lamp features a USB port meaning you can charge your phone whilst you record video. Truly a game changer if you've ever had your phone die mid-way through creating content (been there done that way too many times!)

Some other fab features

This lamp is height adjustable (telescopic stand), has 4 different light/brightness settings, has a really decent cord length and also comes with a carry case so it's perfect if you're mobile or just always on the go.

I purchased mine from PJS Beauty Salon Equipment who I absolutely love for all my professional equipment.

Use code "JYB5" at checkout on PJS Beauty Salon Equipment to save some money on ALL items :)

Gemini Lamp by Daylight:

*Lamp was purchased for full price, however I am partnered with PJS and receive a small commission from purchases made using my discount code.

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