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High Frequency - FAQ

High frequency was first developed in the late 1800's and was originally used in the medical world to help treat open wounds and sores. This facial machine uses electrical current to kill bacteria, oxygenate and heal the skin. The electrical current runs through the machine and into the argon gas filled glass applicator (electrode) which once applied to the skin, creates purifying ozone.

High frequency is fantastic for killing acne-causing bacteria and germs on the skin and also has amazing healing properties. This means that any current breakouts clear much quicker and appear less angry/red and it also prevents further breakouts from occurring.

High Frequency can also be used on the scalp/hair. Using a comb-shaped electrode, the scalp is gently massaged which is not only very relaxing, but can help to stimulate healthy hair growth and minimise dandruff / oiliness.

Does it hurt?

-There is a sensation with certain aspects of High Frequency. Mostly you may feel warmth from the electrode, however if we use a "Sparking" technique, you will feel a slight tingle or zapping senation. It's very mild and more than anything may just make you jump the first time, but is not painful.

How many treatments will I need?

-I view High Frequency as more of a temporary tool to help with the acne healing process. You can have treatments as frequently as 1x a week, however it's the perfect addition to your monthly facials to keep your skin clear.

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